Additional Services

for Owners

We operate in this rental market 365 days a year. We therefore offer the full range of services that every property owner needs.


We offer a full range of cleaning, during short-term rentals we take care of the cleaning after and during the rental. We work with a permanent team of cleaners and use only proven cleaning products. We carry out general pre-season cleaning, post-renovation cleaning and a year-round house cleaning service.

Pool maintenance

We take care of the technical condition of swimming pools in private homes. We know how important the quality of your pool water is when you're relaxing in the summer heat. That's why we carry out a year-round pool service, weekly inspection and cleaning, and offer equipment and pump servicing and repairs. 

General maintenance 

When we take on the management of an apartment or house we take care of its technical condition. We inspect the systems and check the functioning. If we discover damage or malfunctions, we make the necessary notification to the owner to determine the extent of the repair. We also carry out emergency repairs during the rental period. In the post-season, we carry out routine checks, ventilation and the condition of the interior. 

Owner support 

We cooperate and advise the owners at the time, finding solutions and optimising the use of the apartment or house. If we jointly decide that after the season it would be useful to refresh the interiors or completely rebuild them, we offer our expertise and subcontractors to guide the owner from the design through the implementation of the renovation work.  We cooperate with legal, accounting and tax offices offering the full range of services necessary for the owner in accordance with local regulations. 

 And what happens afterwards ... 

Life writes all sorts of stories and if you decide to sell your property, we will also help you to prepare it for sale and the sale process. Or maybe you will be looking for your next property for investment, we will be happy to look for it for you and help you prepare it for the rental market.

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