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Information for your stay in Jávea and surroundings


For those for whom walking slowly along the beachfront and soaking their feet, relaxing on the beach, carefree sitting with a coffee in hand or a glass of Cava is not enough and want to experience something extra, we have prepared well thought-out themed packages. 

What is a PACKAGE? It is a complete plan for a week's stay for our clients that stay in our apartments, during which you will experience peace of soul or super activity, have fun and meet interesting new people. All will be organised by our dedicated staff and our partners.

We have chosen the four zones of life that are most important to us. That's why you'll find something for you and your inner self, something for your body. For the active, we have also prepared super active local specialities or something for the family to relax in peace, but without boredom or routine.


So, something for the body. The Costa Blanca is not just about beaches, it is a philosophy of living and functioning in slow motion. We have prepared a proposal from our partners and will organise a time just for you. 

 A week spent in a good atmosphere interspersed with massages, spa or pilates classes. 

 If you are curious about the details and upcoming dates, please contact us 


We are convinced that everyone needs a moment for themselves. The stunning beaches and beautiful scenic routes of the Costa Blanca are the basis of this, but it's not just walking that makes the soul live. 

 We offer week-long stays where, under the guidance of instructors in yoga, Chinese medicine, and several other maindfull activities, you'll be able to switch off from the rush of life and spend time in a good atmosphere. 

 We will take care of the rest. If you are interested in details and the forthcoming dates, please contact us


The Costa Blanca is a mine of ideas on how to spend your time actively. It's a place where you can get well tired and then sit down in a café for a coffee or a refreshing drink. 

 The terrain, combined with the magnificent Mediterranean, offers countless opportunities for mountain hiking, mountain biking and road cycling. Go anywhere along the coast by yacht or SUP. 

 Spain is a mecca for tennis players, golfers, and paddle lovers. You can go horse riding and explore the magnificent clifftop parts of the coast.   If you are curious about the details and upcoming dates, contact us. 


Spain is famous for its family atmosphere, fiestas and fun. You can see families at every turn, children playing in playgrounds and on the beach. 

 We also take care of the families coming to our apartments. In addition to facilities for the smallest ones, we know of many locations where young travellers with their parents can have an interesting time. If you are curious about the details, contact us.

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